One Way Vision

One Way Vision

Product Overview


1) Special material surface, easy to absorb ink and brilliant graphics.

2) One year removability with no adhesive.

3) Residue will not fall off.


1) Vehicle advertisement on cars, buses and trains.

2) Window advertisement on buildings, offices and shops.

3) Excellent resistance to a wide range of physical and climatic conditions.

4) Suitable for applications on transparent glass, acrylics.

5) Widely used in retail outlets, POP displays, service stations and convenience stores.

Related Products
  • Printing Banner

    Printing Banner

    1. good flatness, brightness, ink absorption 2.frontlit :smooth and bright, backlit: good transmittance 3. high strength, stable quality 4.  suitable for producing large format billboard in mall, billboard on highway, light boxes, banner and etc.

  • PVC Adhesive vinyl

    PVC Adhesive vinyl

    (1) Good quality glue, with long lasting and easy tearing from object surface features. (2) For long-term outdoor signs, exhibition panels and displays use. (3) Easy to mount on smooth surfaces.

  • Digital Coating Fabric

    Digital Coating Fabric

    Type: Printable with Vutek, Scitex, NUR, Ultra-Thin Lamp, Cyber,Chameleon, DuoTian, Infiniti, Flora, Keling, TaiWei, Food and DGI digital printers. Also suitable for some kind of Ecosolvent outdoor pictorial machine, for example, Cammjet, Mimaki, Mutoh, Falcon, Eastench, Roland, FJ