we held the competition of production safety and 6S quiz

On the occasion of the national Eighth “Safety Month”, on Jan 14, 2010, Haining Hongshida Industrial Corporation CO., LTD held the competition of production safety and 6S quiz. The quiz is an important part of our company “Hundred days’ production safety”, also it’s a very import step of 6S management, in order to encourage all colleagues to improve their cognitive ability of safety and 6S management knowledge and their safety awareness; regulate on-site work practices; improve work efficiency; create an efficient, comfortable, orderly and safe environment, and eventually dedicate ourselves to create harmony for the company.

There are 6 teams joining in the contest, after tense competition, the champion belongs to the Stick Team. Vice general manager, union president and other leaders visit the contest.

Currently, the company has held a mobilization meeting, formulated “6S management promotion project” “6S Management Assessment Rules” “6S management incentives and disincentives” and other related systems, and then successfully held 6S management knowledge lecture, and leading its improvement orderly, office area, production site now already got initial results.